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Learning for Earning Festival

25 -- 26 MAY 2022

Sat, 29 May



Improving Your Communication Skills through Emotional Intelligence

Your ability to communicate effectively is your single most important life skill. Did you know most it happens before you even speak! Learn from a business coach how to have a powerful and productive conversations!

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Improving Your Communication Skills through Emotional Intelligence

Time & Location

29 May 2021, 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm


About the Event


You know you’re struggling with communication if…  

• No one seems to hear you or worse, misinterpret your words 

• You’re lacking confidence 

• You fear confrontation 

• You avoid difficult conversations 

• You get frustrated by poor team performance 

• Your goals and dreams seem to be moving further away  

Improving your communication skills will give you the ability to make a difference in both your business and the lives of the people around you. 

Developing these skills will improve your confidence and allow you to…  

• Build rapport quickly and easily 

• Gain trust and credibility 

• Understand other people and their motivations 

• Interpret both verbal and non-verbal communication 

• Motivate your team through increased confidence   

Cindy Drake, a Business Coach, will walk through the DISC behavioural profiling tool with a workbook to improve your learning at this session. The link for the tool will be provided on registration.


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