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25 -- 26 MAY 2022

Fri, 28 May



Job Application Masterclass

An engaging workshop that takes participants through the key steps of finding and applying for jobs successfully, this Masterclass is designed to uncover the secrets to the job application process and equip participants with practical tools, current advice and insights into the employment process.

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Job Application Masterclass

Time & Location

28 May 2021, 10:30 am – 11:30 am AEST


About the Event


Applying for jobs is a complex process that often feels like a job itself. For some job seekers, it’s a very rewarding process. For most of us, it’s frustrating and time consuming. However, once you understand the job application process, from where to find the jobs and how to develop and use your networks through to how to prepare the different components of application, how those applications are processed and shortlisted, and how to work effectively with recruiters.

Essentially, in 60 minutes this Masterclass will give you practical advice to help ensure that your next job application is successful. Whether you’re planning to change careers, return to work after a break, find a new job in the same field or secure a promotion, this workshop will be invaluable. The principles of finding and applying for jobs successfully are the same whether you are just starting your career or looking to move into an executive role after many years in the workforce.

During the Job Application Masterclass you’ll learn about the key steps to successfully applying for a job. They include:

  • Uncovering all the different ways to find roles – not just using Seek!
  • Learning how to develop and use your personal and professional network
  • Working with recruiters effectively and the steps to take when you apply for a job
  • Understanding ATS the key to ensuring your resume gets read and shortlisted for an interview  
  • Finding out how to format your resume correctly in a contemporary, attractive manner  
  • Ensuring you include the right content and information that will convince a recruiter or hiring manager to interview you   
  • Finding out why cover letters are important and how to write one that gets results  
  • Discovering the different types of selection criteria and how to prepare criteria responses


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