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Learning Beyond Barriers

Meet Awuur Makeer

Awuur Makeer, a resident of St Albans, is well-known in the local community for her ever-changing hair colour. Currently sporting a vibrant blue hue, she stands out wherever she goes.


Awuur migrated to Australia from South Sudan at the age of eleven, along with her four siblings. They initially settled in Inverell, where they were the only African family, before eventually relocating to Melbourne.

Currently, Awuur is focused on enhancing her patient care skills in her role as a radiology nurse assistant. Coming from a family deeply involved in the medical field, with her mother working as a nurse, Awuur plans to further her studies and become a sonographer.

Overcoming obstacles has been a significant part of Awuur's learning journey. Balancing motherhood, with three children named Joshua, Joyce, and Josiah, alongside her career has posed its challenges. Initially starting her professional journey in childcare, Awuur made a transition to radiology. She firmly believes in the power of planning to overcome any hurdles that come her way.

Reflecting on her past, Awuur would advise her younger self to be respectful to all, despite the world's cruelties, and find happiness within oneself without worrying about others. Education holds immense importance in her eyes, as it has played a pivotal role in her life.

Learning something new always presents its challenges, and Awuur embraces the continuous learning process. Arriving in Australia without any knowledge of the English language was a daunting experience. The culture shock and communication barriers were significant obstacles, but Awuur and her siblings found ways to adapt and overcome.

For Awuur, every learning experience, regardless of its nature, has a positive impact. Having experienced a life with limited opportunities while living in a refugee camp, she now appreciates the abundance of opportunities available in Australia. From using rolled-up socks as makeshift balls during playtime, Awuur has come a long way. She considers herself blessed, having moved beyond mere survival to live a fulfilling life.

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