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Learning Through Craft

Meet Tarneit's Social Craft Group

The Wednesday Craft Social group emerged two decades ago, supported by Kookaburra House (now Wyndham Park Community Centre), where members gathered informally every week for needlework and knitting teddies.


Over time, their meetings shifted to various locations, such as Julia Gillard Library and now at Tarneit Community Learning Centre.

The group's initial objective was to promote skill sharing and empower individuals through the art of knitting and craft. Participants gained confidence and acquired new skills, setting goals, and embracing challenging projects inspired by each other's accomplishments.


One group member won a quilting hamper from Spotlight store and with the help of fellow members, learnt how to craft use the items effectively.


The Craft Social group extended their efforts to various charities, donating their knitted, sewn, and crafted items. Their contributions included blankets and quilts sent to Thailand, benefiting domestic violence survivors and single mothers. They also provided blankets to babies at Werribee Hospital and fiddle mats to dementia wards. Charitable organizations like GenWest, Orange Door, Geelong Mums support group, and nursing homes received blankets, quilts, and teddies. Additionally, the group engaged in multigenerational learning by collaborating with a co-located kindergarten, where children added names, bows, and handwritten labels to the teddies.


The Groups advice to others is to slow down, communicate, and encourage participation in similar groups or projects, fostering a sense of togetherness while continually expanding skills and knowledge.

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