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From Cambridge to Mayor of Wyndham

Meet Cr Susan McIntyre

I have always had a love of learning and enjoy trying new things.


A pivotal moment in my learning journey was when I was accepted into Cambridge University.


I was the first from my school to go to Cambridge, which was a wonderful opportunity considering it is the best university to study Law, and, given I went to a state school from the Northwest of England, this was usually not the case.


I became a solicitor by completing my Law Society finals in Chester and my Articles in a commercial law firm in London. I then continued by learning journey as a retail manager where I focused on human resource management.


I moved to Australia more than 12 years ago, and immediately I was immersed in learning everything about our new surroundings. In many ways Australia and the UK are very similar but also very different. I learned more about social media and created local community social media pages, to help inform and connect the wider community, which at that point Wyndham was one of the fastest growing municipalities in Australia.


I became involved with local community groups and spearheaded many community projects. Learning more about different peoples’ cultures and traditions. Connecting and strengthening communities.


As a passionate community advocate, I decided to stand for Council and was delighted and humbled to be elected as a councillor for Harrison Ward in October 2020.  In my ward there were 38 candidates, so it was quite daunting.


In November 2022 I was honoured to be selected by my councillor peers to be elected Mayor of Wyndham City, the fastest growing municipality in the country. An absolute privilege especially having only been here a relatively short length of time and only becoming an Australian citizen in May 2020.


Learning is always ongoing, constantly evolving and there is always something new to learn.


As a voice for the community, I help to create a better Wyndham, and this drives my passion for lifelong learning.

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