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Learning Through Community 

Meet Anvil and Preeti

Anvil and Preeti have been active community leaders, participating in many learning programs offered across Melton Libraries and Community Centres. 

“We saw members of our [Indian] community feeling very lonely, so we decided to form an Association to bring them together for social, health and art programs”, Preeti explained over a great Indian lunch being offered by the community.

Anvil is the leader of the Association, and with the help of our Community Development Officers they offer programs ranging from celebrations like Diwali to intergenerational story telling where senior members read traditional Indian stories to the children.

“Learning never stops”, says Anvil, explaining that these opportunities build resilience and give the migrant population a renewed sense of place.  Through community learning programs they keep cultural practices alive, as well as respond to new needs like special classes about technology or how to document family history.

Preeti does not have enough hours in the day for more learning activities – if she is not busy with yoga classes, you can find her painting henna tattoos, teaching community members about Indian traditions or volunteering to help at any of the ongoing programs throughout Melton. She has made many friendships and connections this way, and is happy to call Melton home.

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