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Learning, Development and Teaching

Meet Elzette Bester

Elzette Bester, an Illustrator and Graphic Designer, has been living and working in the Brimbank community for the past 13 years. Her unique creative skill set has not only brought beauty and inspiration to the area but has also been instrumental in promoting mental health and disability awareness.

Currently, Elzette is learning how to utilise her artistic talents in the mental health and disability space through her individual tutoring sessions, and the Mindful Art Practice workshops she facilitates at The Hunt Club Community and Arts Centre. Her workshops provide a safe and expressive outlet for individuals to explore their emotions and find healing through artistic creation.

While Elzette continues to develop her skills, she has a goal to pursue a Masters in Art Therapy. She believes this advanced degree will equip her with the necessary expertise to make an even greater impact.

Throughout her learning journey, Elzette has faced and conquered numerous hurdles. Having grown up bilingually in South Africa and speaking mainly Afrikaans, she initially struggled to adapt to the predominantly English-speaking and unique colloquial language environment of Australia.

Reflecting on her experiences, Elzette offers valuable advice to her younger self and aspiring artists. She encourages them to fearlessly pursue their passions and explore various artistic avenues. She believes that engaging in hobbies or activities that bring joy outside of one's professional career is essential for personal growth and fulfilment.

As with any learning process, Elzette acknowledges that there are challenges. The vulnerability of starting something new and the uncertainty of the outcome can be daunting. However, she believes that embracing these challenges and persevering through them leads to personal and artistic growth.

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