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Learning to create diverse and safe spaces

Meet Lyle Allen

Lyle Allen, is a multifaceted individual with a passion for music, storytelling, and community leadership. Currently, Lyle is focused on acquiring skills to create diverse and safe spaces within communities. Their dedication to fostering inclusivity and support is evident in their role as a Community Youth Leader.

On their learning bucket list, Lyle aspires to delve into the realms of business and entrepreneurship. With the goal of owning their own company, they aim to specialise in security or organising community events.

Despite facing hurdles as a young person in the workforce, Lyle has overcome challenges by recognising the value of their contributions. While undertaking community projects, they have encountered situations where their ideas and input were not adequately appreciated. Nevertheless, they remain steadfast in their determination to make a difference.

Reflecting on their journey, Lyle would advise their younger self to seek advice from professionals in the industry of interest. Through their work as a Youth Advocate with the Pasefika Navigators, they actively collaborate with organisations like VIC Health to improve mental health outcomes for young people. Lyle encourages fellow youth to recognise their worth, emphasising that their time, energy, and ideas are invaluable.

Learning something new can be a challenging experience, as Lyle discovered while familiarising themselves with a new music app and acquiring technical skills. Persistence and learning through hands-on practice proved instrumental in their growth. Lyle firmly believes that embracing challenges leads to positive learning experiences.

In Lyle's view, the most rewarding learning experiences arise when they allow the community to teach them. By creating a supportive environment and dedicating time to learn from family and friends, they have found beauty in the process of collaborative projects.

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