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Learning Local 

Meet Suzanne

Suzanne is an active participant and volunteer at Maribyrnong Libraries, Rotary and Avatar.

Suzanne reflects, “I’m always learning different ways to be more honest, compassionate and personally responsible…which can be a challenge at times! That has been a 25 year journey since I first started the Avatar course.”

Through her learning journey, Suzanne has “learnt to accept when I don’t know something and ask for help. I’ve also learnt to acknowledge that mistakes can be good and that you can learn from them.”

An eager learner, Suzanne is a knitter, gardener, reader, community volunteer and practices calligraphy. The next thing she’d like to learn is Japanese, as her son’s family lives in Japan. Suzanne remarked, “When I go to Japan next, I’d like to be able to communicate better when I visit, I’d like to be a part of the community when I visit.”

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