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Learning Through Volunteering

Meet Trish

Trish is a volunteer facilitator for the Aspire All Abilities Social Club. “I help with social and exercise activities – I find it is so important to contribute to the community and I find the energy of this group and their carers very inspirational.”

Programs and resources for people with disabilities are growing at Melton. For example, Melton and Caroline Springs Libraries have large print and talking books, special software programs, and large keyboards.  Some programs are specifically for people with disabilities, but our Aspire Social Club welcomes all abilities – it is a lovely opportunity to spend special time with lovely people.

Sometimes attending big events and programs might be overwhelming, so all our major events now have social stories so you can check out what amenities are available and how it will feel to go to that program.  Our website is fully accessible, so please contact us with any questions.

“In terms of learning, I feel we all learn from each other directly and indirectly. I learn every day about human resilience, kindness, and the importance of social connections. Through the Aspire Social Club, I am also constantly learning how to communicate across all abilities.”

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