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Anyone like a coffee and a new friend?

Meet Diana & Corina

Diana and Corina are sisters. Diana is a single mother with four children and has been living in Aged care since she was 40 years old. Corina is currently living with their father.

Diana describe herself as very shy but always been interested to do arts and crafts so she joined the Coffee Club, an Arts and Crafts program for All Abilities at Sydenham Neighbourhood House in 2022. On the other hand, Corina always stayed at home until she joined Diana this year to do the program.

Diana shared that, usually she lacks motivation to go out and about and do herself. But since joining the the Coffee Club, she found the motivation to attend each sessions because she enjoys connecting with other participants and also being creative.

And as for Corina, she describes her learning journey as coming out of her own shell. She said that she did not only gain confidence in asking for help to do some activities but also in connecting with other people and building friendships.

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