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Community Learning Through Dance 

Reg's Story

Reg has been an active member of many of Melton's Community Learning programs across Community Centres and Libraries.  We chatted with him after the Rock and Roll Line Dancing class, which he finds energising for both body and spirit.Reg shared with us that after he was diagnosed with cancer, he really needed community connection and support, and he found that through our programs he has always felt welcomed and valued.

“It is not only the exercise, which is very important for a healthy recovery, but the social connections we make – these classes are fun and my wife and I enjoy them immensely.”  Reg and his wife have been with the Dancing group since its inception.  The dancing was “pivotal to help the physio, especially after three surgeries. I am planning to be around for many more programs, they are fabulous.”


It is never too late to learn – even if you have never danced before, our groups welcome all abilities and all ages.

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