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Learning Together

Meet The Greek Seniors Digital Literacy Class

“She hopes that the best experience will be to open the iPad up and just find whatever she likes… to just open up the world in front of her.” Anestis (teacher, Pronia) with student in her first class.

This lively group of Seniors meet at the Reservoir Library on a weekly basis for a computer basics class in Greek, run by Pronia and Darebin Libraries. “The language barrier can be a challenge”, explains one of the group members, but “[It’s no obstacle] because it’s in our language.” The group say that they enjoy learning in a social environment and use the internet to connect to their homeland. “I open the newspaperof my country, and I see the news there, I hear the music, the music [of] church.”

“We send photos to our kids, we learn how to travel when we go home.”

Despite initial concerns that it would be hard to learn new skills, they are now starting to wield their ipads like experts, achieving personal goals from learning the Australian national anthem to surfing the internet. “Never stop learning” is their advice to other life-long learners. “Never let an opportunity go to waste and it’s never too late.”

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