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Brimbank City Council 

The City of Brimbank is located in the western and north-western suburbs of Melbourne, between 11 and 23 kilometres west and north-west of the Melbourne CBD.


The Brimbank community have set an ambitious Community Vision that they hope to achieve by 2040. The Community Vision 2040 captures the priorities and aspirations for our community:

By 2040, the Brimbank community will be healthy and safe and we will be united through a sense of belonging and pride. Our City will be inclusive, resilient, innovative and vibrant and our people will share equally in the City’s prosperity and opportunity. The environment and heritage will be protected and enhanced and Brimbank’s diverse neighbourhoods and housing will offer something for everyone.

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Learning in Brimbank 

Learning is widely recognised as a driver for positive economic and social change. Brimbank City Council, through its Lifelong Learning Strategy and with its partner organisations and community members, seeks to achieve better learning outcomes throughout the municipality. It will facilitate the creation of new approaches and partnerships, seek the ongoing development of pathways to learning, and lead, encourage, and support residents to participate in learning on a daily basis over their lifetime.

Brimbank Lifelong Learning Vision is `To foster a community of lifelong learners in Brimbank by empowering people to take control of their lives, build aspirations, enhance employability and quality of life and achieve this by working alongside partner organisations and the community.’

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