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Learning New Technologies

Lois' Story

Home Library Service user and Borrow Box champion!

Lois started out as a Preston Library member, regularly borrowing talking books on CD. After she told a library staff member that she could not play MP3 discs at home, our Home Library Service arranged a visit and set her up with a Daisy Player. She later became a Home Library Service member and now has regular home visits.


She has learned how to use an iPad, and with help from the Library has become a frequent Borrow Box and Libby user for e-books and e-audio books. A recent trial with the Envoy machines was less successful, as she did not enjoy using this new technology as much. She says her most challenging learning journey recently has been “learning a lot more about the NDIS.”

Lois has embraced learning a range of new technologies with the Home Library Service staff and says her learning advice is that she “Tries my best to do it myself and when I can’t to ask for help”. Lois’s next learning leap will be setting up Kanopy on her new TV with the Home Library staff, giving her access to a huge range of films and documentaries.

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