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Learning Beyond Language Barriers

Meet Farial

Farial, a 62-year-old Iraqi woman, embarked on a remarkable learning journey when she and her family immigrated to Australia in 2000. Armed with a master's degree in engineering, Farial believed that finding suitable employment would be a straightforward task. However, the language barrier and unfamiliarity with the Australian accent proved to be significant obstacles .Arriving in Australia through the point system, Farial and her family faced the challenge of starting anew without support assistance. They encountered financial difficulties and experienced the emotional strain of being separated from their extended family in Iraq.  Despite heart-wrenching setbacks, she remained resolute in keeping her family intact.


Driven by her commitment to her children's education and her desire to contribute to the community, Farial pursued various avenues for personal growth and professional opportunities. While working odd jobs and her husband driving taxis, she engaged in charitable work and joined community groups in Point Cook and Werribee.


Through these groups, Farial found support and valuable guidance from fellow Iraqi immigrants who understood her struggles. They aided in navigating the job market and connected her with resources, including counselling for her well-being.


Despite the hardships and emotional toll, Farial refused to succumb to failure. She took solace in the fact that her family was in a safe country where her children could pursue their education. With unwavering determination, Farial worked tirelessly, studying, and engaging in charity work to gain valuable experience. She participated in projects with Wyndham City undertaking cleaning duties in Hoppers Crossing and along the Werribee River. Her first paid job was as a housekeeper.


After enduring numerous challenges and actively participating in community groups, Farial eventually found the desired jobs for both her and her husband. Their perseverance and unwavering hope allowed them to achieve their goals. Farial emerged as a strong figure in the community, sharing her valuable life lessons with others. She emphasises the importance of hard work, maintaining resilience, and never allowing anyone to deter one's dreams.


Farial's journey serves as an inspiration, demonstrating that life's difficulties can be overcome through determination and hard work. She encourages others to embrace the beauty of life, to remain strong, to never stop dreaming, and to never let setbacks define their future. Through her journey of resilience and triumph, Farial has become a beacon of strength in her community.  “Life is beautiful, enjoy your life, be strong, never stop dreaming”.

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