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A library user and learner of technology

Meet Stanley Williams

Stan lives around the corner from St Albans library but only discovered during COVID-19 that the library is not only a building full of books, but is so much more. The library is full of really friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff who are always happy to help.

Mr Williams visited the library when he needed help accessing his myGov account during the pandemic so he could upload his vaccination certificate to his phone and learn how to use the mandatory QR Code check in procedures. He would have been lost without learning how to do this at the library.

Mr Williams was frightened of using technology, as he was scared he would break something if he did something wrong. Since discovering the library, Mr Williams has attended a number of computer classes and weekly eHelp sessions where he has learnt how to use his iPad. Stanley is no longer scared of technology as he says “it’s only the fear of the unknown that will stop you from learning new skills".

Before his weekly eHelp sessions, he consults his granddaughter who provides ideas on what he can learn on his iPad, i.e. Face Time. He then attends the library with his new query and learns how to make it work. The one-on-one eHelp sessions work for him as he can structure his learning to suit him.

Mr Williams wishes he knew about the library sooner and that he had learned more about computers earlier as he finds that the more he learns, the more there is to learn. Since learning how to use his iPad he has discovered that once you know how to use them, they are actually very easy to use and nothing to be afraid of.


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