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Learning Stories
Lifelong Learning Comes Alive

A library user and learner of technology

Meet Stan

Stan lives around the corner from St Albans library but only discovered during COVID-19 that the library is not only a building full of books, but is so much more. The library is full of really friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff who are always happy to help.


Learning New Technologies

Meet Lois

Home Library Service user and Borrow Box champion!

Lois started out as a Preston Library member, regularly borrowing talking books on CD.


Learning Beyond Language Barriers

Meet Farial

Farial, a 62-year-old Iraqi woman, embarked on a remarkable learning journey when she and her family immigrated to Australia in 2000. Armed with a master's degree in engineering, Farial believed that finding suitable employment would be a straightforward task. However, the language barrier and unfamiliarity with the Australian accent proved to be significant obstacles.

Anyone like a coffee and a new friend?

Meet Diana & Corina

Diana and Corina are sisters. Diana is a single mother with four children and has been living in Aged care since she was 40 years old. Corina is currently living with their father.


Learning Through Dance 

Meet Reg

Reg has been an active member of many of Melton's Community Learning programs across Community Centres and Libraries.  We chatted with him after the Rock and Roll Line Dancing class, which he finds energising for both body and spirit.


Learning At Hume Libraries 

Meet Zia

“I’m not good on the phone, I don’t know about email. I’m so slow.

Usually, I come for grammar. I speak English not too bad, but reading and writing is very poor.

I love the place here [the library]. It’s a very nice place...

Zia image.jpg

From Cambridge to Mayor of Wyndham

Meet Cr Susan McIntyre

Cr Susan McIntyre has always been a learner at heart, and her journey has taken her from a state school in Northwest England to Cambridge University to study Law. Then she became a solicitor and later ventured into retail management, with a focus on HR.

 As a voice for the community, Cr McIntyre helps to create a better Wyndham, and this drives her passion for lifelong learning.


Learning To Get Online

Meet Dolores

I always enjoyed learning and this is more than just a necessity with me, it’s social as well.


You meet people in the same boat and same situations and we always compare what we learn and share information and help each other.

Dolores 2.png

Learning Through Community 

Meet Anvil and Preeti

Anvil and Preeti have been active community leaders, participating in many learning programs offered across Melton Libraries and Community Centres. 

“We saw members of our [Indian] community feeling very lonely, so we decided to form an Association to bring them together for social, health and art programs”, Preeti explained over a great Indian lunch being offered by the community.


Learning Through Volunteering

Meet Trish

Trish is a volunteer facilitator for the Aspire All Abilities Social Club. “I help with social and exercise activities – I find it is so important to contribute to the community and I find the energy of this group and their carers very inspirational.”


Learning Together

Meet The Greek Seniors Digital Literacy Class

“She hopes that the best experience will be to open the iPad up and just find whatever she likes… to just open up the world in front of her.” Anestis (teacher, Pronia) with student in her first class.

Learning As A Family

Meet Manikya and Aneisha

“We have learned about being a part of community, especially Aneisha. Her learning here also includes her vocabulary, this [story time session] really is highly educational, and of course she enjoys it too..."


Learning to create diverse & safe places

Meet Lyle

A multifaceted individual with a passion for music, storytelling, and community leadership. Lyle is focused on acquiring skills to create diverse and safe spaces within communities. Their dedication to fostering inclusivity and support is evident in their role as a Community Youth Leader. 

Lyle Makepeace Allen - Photo - ALW Story.jpg

Learning Through Craft

Meet Tarneit's Social Craft Group

The Wednesday Craft Social group emerged two decades ago, supported by Kookaburra House (now Wyndham Park Community Centre), where members gathered informally every week for needlework and knitting teddies.


Over time, their meetings shifted to various locations, such as Julia Gaillard Library and now at Tarneit Community Learning Centre.

Wyndham Craft Group IMG_3959.jpg

Learning Local 

Meet Suzanne

“I’m always learning different ways to be more honest, compassionate and personally responsible…which can be a challenge at times! That has been a 25 year journey since I first started the Avatar course.”

LearnWest - Suzanne 2.JPG

Learning, Development, Teaching

Meet Elzette

An Illustrator and Graphic Designer, Elzette Bester has been living and working in the Brimbank community for the past 13 years. Her unique creative skillset has not only brought beauty and inspiration to the area but has also been instrumental in promoting mental health and disability awareness.


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