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Learning To Get Online


I always enjoyed learning and this is more than just a necessity with me, it’s social as well.

You meet people in the same boat and same situations and we always compare what we learn and share information and help each other.

[The Library] is professional and very friendly. The staff are so helpful.

I’ve come here quite stressed at times with some emails that had to be explained to me, and printing out, and even with writing emails as well. My main thing is emails.

Our [learning group] is a very friendly group. Rowena, our teacher – she's great. I don’t know how she has the patience, but she’s very good.

When I achieve something, and say “yes I did it”, the staff are just so great. They help you, it’s just so comforting and welcoming.

I’m not a fan of technology, but it’s a necessity. You go to the bank and you ask for help net banking and they look at feel so embarrassed that you don’t know how to do it.

When I was working as a nurse, we used to document everything on paper but when I was mature I was told I had to “Shape up or ship out” because they wanted nurses who knew the latest technology.

But I wanted to stay in nursing, so I went to Coburg Community Health Centre, they had classes for seniors and I had to learn the basics to keep working.

Now, I do it for pleasure!

Before I come to the library I get very stressed because I think the staff are not going to help me. When I don’t know how to do something I feel so embarrassed.

Technology is changing so fast, and it’s not just about catching up. It’s as if you learn something, you do it, and then it changes.

And I have family...but they’re too busy! Or they’ll do something for you and I say “I want to do it”, and they don’t realise that we’re old and it takes a while for us. Not that we’re backwards, but this is very new.

You have to look at the big picture and have the courage to do it, but the lovely people here at the library guide people to get the help they need when they come in.

I just want to learn everything that I can!

I want to learn Zoom. I find Zoom very hard. We did do a couple of lessons on Zoom last term, which gave me confidence, and then I accidentally deleted it!

My Body Corporate is on Zoom, so that’s a necessity.

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